RE: Win32: Commandline/batch ANSI-UTF8-UTF16-UTF8-ANSI conversion too

Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 05:16:48 EDT

Sure: uniconv.exe by Basis Technology.
It is distributed for free as a demo of the Rosette library; download from <
<> >.
The version I have (quite old) does not support UTF-16, but it has UCS-2,
that should undistinguishable if you just need cp 1252.
Call it without command line arguments, and it will output a long usage help
that starts like this:

usage: uniconv [-debug] <input-encoding> <input-file> <output-encoding>
               <property | transform>*
Version 1.1RC2, 4/13/98
Copyright (c) Basis Technology Corp. 1995-1998. All rights reserved.
Type "uniconv -help" for more information.
Encodings: Arabic, ASCII, Big5, BMP, cp1251, cp1252, cp437, cp850,
            EUC-J, EUC-KR, GB2312, Greek, Hebrew, ISO-2022-JP,
            ISO-2022-KR, ISOLatinCyrillic, JapaneseAutoDetect,
            JIS_X0201, JIS_X_0208, KoreanAutoDetect, Latin1, Latin2,
            Latin3, Latin4, Latin5, Latin6, Shift-JIS, Thai, UCS2,
            Unicode11UCS2, Unicode11UTF7, Unicode11UTF8, UTF7, UTF8

Properties: [...snip...]

_ Marco

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Subject: Win32: Commandline/batch ANSI-UTF8-UTF16-UTF8-ANSI conversion too

Are there any Win32 command line or batch ANSI to Unicode conversions tools
out there?

Desired conversions are:

- Windows-1252 to UTF-8

- Windows-1252 to UTF-16

- UTF-8 to Windows-1252

- UTF-16 to Windows-1252

- UTF-8 to UTF-16

- UTF-16 to UTF-8



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