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Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 07:43:23 EDT

Ar 09:19 -0800 2000-09-12, scríobh

>First, by the definitions assumed in the Ethnologue, they are all
>considered to be distinct languages; they would be candidates for separate
>literacy and literature development (if currently spoken-only), and if
>literature were to be developed, then they would need to be distinguished
>for IT-processing purposes such as spell-checking.

Yes, well, it is these definitions and how they are implemented which we

>Thirdly, there are a large number of users looking for a complete set of
>tags. This includes people in the specialised fields of linguistics and
>anthropology, but it also includes governments, development organisations,
>and many businesses in the IT industry.

Peter, why has the Maintenance Agency for ISO 639 never heard from any of
these people, if governments are looking for standardized tags and everyone
else is looking for tags, why haven't they contacted 639 or 1766 to inform
us of the kinds of requirements they have?

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