RE: surrogate terminology (was Re: Surrogate support in *ML?

Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 08:56:37 EDT

Peter constable wrote:
> - code values: integers within the space of some encoding
> form; d800 - dfff
> *are* code values, but not codepoints
> - surrogate: I'm inclined to say that this should refer
> *only* to a UTF-16
> code value in the range d800 - dfff; equal to "surrogate code value"
> - surrogate pair: a valid pair of UTF-16 surrogate code values used to
> encode an "astral" character; note that a surrogate pair is
> *different*
> from the character they encode: surrogates come from the
> sphere of code
> values, not the sphere of characters/codepoints

I add my bit, just to mess things up a little bit.

How about a the term "pointer":

- "surrogate pair" --> "(surrogate) pointer"

- "surrogate (code value)" --> "(surrogate) pointer element"

- "high surrogate (code value)" --> "(surrogate) pointer head"

- "low surrogate (code value)" --> "(surrogate) pointer tail"

But, against my own proposal, it is to be considered that this terminology
will mainly be used by programming professional, that may confuse the term
"pointer" with the similar concept in their programming languages.

_ Marco

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