FWD: Unicode & Indian languages (was Re: Tamil glyphs)

From: Marco Cimarosti (marco.cimarosti@europe.com)
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 17:37:05 EDT

Paresh Agarwal wrote (privately):
>I am really enthusiastic to know about Unicode in depth.
>Can you suggest how to go about all this?

I learned a lot asking question to the Unicode List (unicode@unicode.org).
There are plenty people there who can answer your questions in detail.

All the best
_ Marco

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Subject: Re: Tamil glyphs

Dear Mr.Marco,
Sorry for sending an unsolicited mail to you.
I am interested in knowing alot about the UNICODE system. I own a
translation agency in India, by the name MULTI-LINGUIST. We have been into
the translation business for just about one year, and wish to inculcate the
Unicode system.
Besided what I have downloaded from the website of Unicode, can you help me
by clearing the following doubts: (all questions relating to Indian
1) Is typing in Unicode different from that of the regular ttf fonts?
2) Are there special fonts for providing translations in Unicode format?
3) If YES, then how can we avail those fonts? If NO, then is it that the
same ttf fonts are converted to Unicode fonts. Incase separate fonts exist,
is the keyboard arrangement totally different or the same?
4) Is it possible to convert some text in a WORD doc into Unicode text, b y
using some commands?
5) Is there any program for Unicode?
I am really enthusiastic to know about Unicode in depth. Can you suggest how
to go about all this?
Best regards
Paresh Agarwal

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