Re: Tamil glyphs

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 19:09:11 EDT

Antoine asked:

> We agree this is an area where we really need some light, and a firmer guide
> of implementation from the Unicode consortium. What is the way to request
> a more strong rule of interpretation?

The way to "request" a stronger rule of interpretation is to write a
formal contribution summarizing the problem (in detail) discussed on
this thread, and proposing specific language to add to the standard
which would definitively resolve the ambiguity. Such a paper should then
be submitted to the chair of the UTC (Lisa Moore) as an expert
contribution, with a request for an agenda item to discuss it in an
upcoming UTC meeting. And you should also recruit a regular attending
member of the UTC who understands the issue and is familiar with
Indic language implementations to speak to the paper during the UTC
discussion, if you cannot attend the meeting yourself.


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