Re: Tagging orthographic systems (was: (iso639.186) the

Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 21:40:31 EDT

On 09/13/2000 05:31:22 PM John Hudson wrote:

>Yes, but speech variety is simply another type of information that might
>a candidate for tagging, that is, information about how a language is
>My point is that the ISO639 codes and the Ethnologue codes are abtracted
>from particular language usage, and it is the particular usage that most
>often needs to be indicated.

That is valid. Again, however, there are a variety of paralinguistic
notions that may need to be considered in addition to languages per se, and
it may take us some time to completely understand this. When we do, we are
likely to fine that we need the list of languages anyway. I'm inclined to
start with the comprehensive list of languages and so give people at least
*something* with which to tag their data, even if systems need refinement
in the future.

- Peter

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