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Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 14:52:19 EDT

On 09/14/2000 09:26:13 AM Otto Stolz wrote:

>Am 2000-09-12 um 16:14 h UCT hat geschrieben:
>> So, for example, the meaning of a text wouldn't change according to
>> whether a sequence of "fi" is or isn't ligated.
>This is not true for German...

I was giving a general explanation of ligatures in the context of the
character/glyph model assumed by Unicode for the benefit of someone trying
to understand the basics. I am quite aware of the arguments suggesting that
special mechanisms for ligation control are required to deal with certain
problems in particular languages. In the *general* case, presence or
absence of Latin ligatures is not semantically significant. If you review
all of the points that I made, you will see that these included the use of
special characters that can control ligation behaviour when specifically
needed (e.g. in the case of German to disable default ligation in cases
where a ligature would not be allowed for morphological reasons). The
points you make here are consistent with what I was trying to communicate.

- Peter

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