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Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 19:43:30 EDT

A noble thought, Mike. But how exactly would you suggest legislating the
feeling of what is important in the minds of others?

My overall impression is that people ask here because they are looking for
the slant that they would get from this group. And lets face it... if there
were not other locales, there probably would not be other languages, or
other scripts. And then there would be no need for Unicode.:-)

Willie Sutton was once misquoted when asked why he robbed banks (the claim
was that he said "thats where the money is"). This is where the languages


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> Isn't there a more appropriate forum for the localization issues? I
> might even subscribe. However, let's please move the topic to a more
> appropriate place and let character encoding issues comprise at least half
> the traffic around here.
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