RE: New Locale Proposal

From: Carl W. Brown (
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 20:46:09 EDT

> Antoine wrote:

>As an European, I assume you meant "a neutral Hispanoamerican" above, i.e.
>want to dissociate European Spanish from Hispanoamerican (note to
>speakers: this holds a lot of sense).
>"Neutral Spanish" already have a locale code, "es", no need here.

you are right. I don't consider Mexican Spanish very neutral either.

>But this one is going funny. Here in France, "Californian English" (which
>usually call West Coast American English) is taken as the prototypical
>of the hard-to-understand American way of talking.

However because Europeans are better trained in languages they can tolorate
accent differences better. Try to send a Midwestern American to New Zealand
for example.

If you want funny, my college roommate was a French major from Georgia who
spoke French with a heavy Southern American accent.

As to your other messaged about "hr-XX-Bosnian" to "bs-XX". This would have
first been converted to hr-bosnian_XX to keep the language variant together
with the language and before the country. Then it would be converted to
bs_XX when the new standard was implemented.


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