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From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 07:17:43 EDT

Of course, C++ has case sensitive identifiers, so this argument does not
necessarily make as much sense....

FWIW I agree with them on the cantillation marks... who is going to be
chanting their code during code reviews? :-)

If one is case sensitive, then those problems go away, but then fuzzy
searches are needed to find things if you do not want to go with the exact


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> Jonathan Rosenne wrote:
> >
> > I feel that when identifiers are case sensitive, such as in C, there
> > may be a case for respecting points,
> Indeed, C++ and C99 legislate that points are acceptable part of
> identifiers' names (but OTOH cantillation marks are not portable).
> > although this would cause a problem with cross-system portability,
> Why? C++ Standard, followed by C99, which introduced the possibility to
> use character outside ASCII in identifiers, also introduced a way to
> "type in" them in a portable way, using the \uxxxx notation also used
> in Java. So even if users are not able to type in the characters at
> keyboard, they have an escape way...
> Of course, following what I wrote above, transferring sources from
> one machine to another need to avoid "converters" that drop the
> points, in the same way that a converter that convert all unrecognized
> Devanagari codepoints to U+FFFD or similar is also to be avoided.
> Antoine

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