RE: [idn] nameprep forbidden characters

Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 12:08:54 EDT

Edwin F. Hart asked:
> Is there a need for a "fuzzy" comparison where names with and without
> points in Hebrew? Is there a similar need for other scripts such as
> Arabic?

Mark Davis replied
> UCA (#10) already handles that. You will get a "fuzzy" compare if you
> mask off less important weights, and you will get a much
> better ordering
> than binary compare as well.

But then, why does the W3 Consortium want to *forbid* some Unicode
characters from host names, rather than specifying rules for a loose
comparison, maybe based on UTR#10?

This way, people would have the possibility to give an orthographically
correct name to their server (e.g., "www.Coƶperate!.ut"), but also be able
to use common orthographic variants, if they cannot type all the "dots"
(e.g. "www.cooperate.ut").

_ Marco

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