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Date: Sat Sep 23 2000 - 11:59:54 EDT


Microsoft has chosen not to create and new code pages for new languages.
Unfortunately for you these languages are the Indian languages. They added
these language to Windows 2000 in Unicode only. They are not available on
Windows 98 or Windows Me. Part of the reason for doing this only on Windows
2000 is also that they added Uniscribe and Open Type to handle more complex
scripts properly this is a Unicode API that would have been difficult to
port to the Win 98 platform.

Uniscribe is an API that applications can use for line breaking, cursor
positioning, bidi, glyph handling etc. in a script independent manner. Thus
applications like IE and Office can operate on any language on Windows 2000.

In addition you can not use them in non Unicode applications such as
Netscape 4.x.

You can use IE 5.5 on Windows 2000. You also should be able to use the
Netscape 6.0 beta 2 on Windows 2000 because Netscape has rewritten it as a
Unicode application.

IE 5.5 support all of the Unicode Indian scripts. I just tried it on a
couple of Devanagari sites because the English Windows comes with mangal
true type font.

I am not aware of any clean Linux solution. There may be fonts that you can
use with the Netscape beta 6.0. but I don't know if the rendering engine can
handle complex fonts.

There is work being done in this area to provide a better Unix solution that
is comparable to the NT solution. But to do it right it has to include
everything from font rendering to word breaking.


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  Dear Friends!.

  How are you!.

  i have a project to make a webpage, which will be unicode enable. i can
show indian language fonts. i can type those fonts on the webpage itself
on text boxes!. and it should be atleast work on netscape and windows
explorer!, and atleast LINUX and Windows OS supports it!.

  so, can u people give me some brief ideas abt keyboard mapping, unicode
font setting, dispay setting....

  i will be grateful to you all for your help..

  waiting for you kind response..



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