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Date: Sun Sep 24 2000 - 01:43:30 EDT


SCSU is a character stream compression technique not exactly a character
encoding scheme. I don't think that it would do for get method forms to
just add the scsu block to the end of the URL. "Yes but that is my
charset". Certainly not when they are trying to standardize on UTF-8 at
least the basic info.

scsu makes sense for large blocks of data. Send the frame work in utf-8 but
use HTTP to request the bulk data in scsu. If it is a small amount of data
you don't want to pay the overhead of the compression.

You don't need a BOM with UTF-8.


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On Sat, Sep 23, 2000 at 07:54:15AM -0800, Carl W. Brown wrote:
> First is there a standard for implementing SCSU in browsers? If not then
> need to do that first.

Huh? It's a text encoding. You should keep everything through the
ASCII (that only uses LF, CR and HT and graphic characters, so it's also
SCSU), and properly label the Content-Type, just like you'd do with any
non-ASCII encoding. The only question I have is whether you put a
on it. UTF-16 HTML usually goes out with a BOM. Does everything support
HTML with a BOM?

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