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I have found four references to support your contention. A reference to it
using a Latin script, another to "Azari-Arabic, Azari-Cyrilic &
Azari-Turkish", I found a Mac font system but I don't have a Mac to try it
and I installed a True Type font that seems to produce both a dotted and an
accented i.

BTW I also found that it seems that there is a movement to Latinize Uigur as
well that started about 1960.


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I believe Azeri also uses the dotless i/dotted i Turkish-style casing.


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>Several Tatar language links here:

>In particular, the Tatar-Bashkir latin alphabet is presented in RFE/RL's
>site at

>Are all these characters supported in UNICODE?

I was unaware that they were moving back to the Latin alphabet.
What jumps out at me is that case conversion code like the code that I just
submitted for inclusion into ICU is wrong. Turkish is not the only language
with dotted and dot less i. I assume that Tatar and Bashkir should follow
the same rules as Turkish. Are there other languages?

So I guess that I should check for "ba", "tt" & "tr" for special case
shifting. I presume that the alphabet is listed in proper sort order?


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