1456 engine now available

From: William Overington (WOverington@ngo.globalnet.co.uk)
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 02:52:59 EDT

I am pleased to announce that my implementaion of the 1456 engine is now
available on the web.

Information on the 1456 object code system is available on
http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo which is our family webspace.

If one clicks on the link to 1456 object code then a subindex page is shown.
The link for downloading the 1456 engine is in the last page shown in that

There are also some demonstrations of the 1456 engine in action. A java
enabled web browser is needed to view them in action.

Direct links are http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/demo1.htm and
http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/demo2.htm though there is also some
descriptive text about them and links to them from the same page as the link
to download the 1456 engine.

William Overington

25 September 2000

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