Re: Can anyone help me!!!

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 05:05:43 EDT

Carl W. Brown wrote:
> Microsoft has chosen not to create and new code pages for new languages.
> Unfortunately for you these languages are the Indian languages.

... among others.

> They added these language to Windows 2000 in Unicode only. They are not
> available on Windows 98 or Windows Me. Part of the reason for doing this
> only on Windows 2000 is also that they added Uniscribe and Open Type to
> handle more complex scripts properly this is a Unicode API that would
> have been difficult to port to the Win 98 platform.

So, can you explain why Office 2000 works very well on Win9X platforms,
when you provide the correct fonts? (I mean for displaying; since as you
explained, Microsoft refuses to create codepages, so it is difficult to
type in Indian or Armenian or Georgian characters).

> IE 5.5 support all of the Unicode Indian scripts.

Mmm. I am not aware that Sinhalese or Burmese are handled, but one can
argue they are not Indian scripts.
Also, the support for some lesser-used scripts is not completely debugged
for the moment, which is not a real problem since fonts are not available
either... But I do not think Microsoft announced "support of all the
Unicode Indian scripts" (more exactly, if you complain to the support
with anything other than Nagari or Tamil, I do not think you'll be lucky).

So the situation for IE 5.5 is very like the one with 5.0 or 5.01 (with
a minor difference here: 5.0x as shipped has an old version of the Indian
script support that need different fonts).


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