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And you're both correct. The code to handle Thai exists only in the "South
Asian" version of Word2000, or Thai Word2000, which is the same executable
as the South Asian version. All other versions of Word2000 use a different
(shared) executable. So you can really say there are two versions of
Word2000 - the one that handles East Asian/Latin/Bidi, and the other one
that handles all those plus Thai/Indic.

For whatever reason, it is pretty hard to obtain the second one, since it
sells only in Thailand, India, and neighboring countries.

All of this code is rolled into "Word10", which is under development right

IE5.x and riched20.dll (used by Wordpad) are already completely worldwide
enabled since they shipped in Win2000, meaning there is only one version of
their executables used for all languages. Word2000 shipped one year before
Win2000, and we didn't have enough time to get the Thai/Indic in the global
release, that's all. That's why Peter's comparison works the way it does
now, and won't work that way next year when Word10 is available.

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>> Indeed, but Word2000 on Win98 doesn't even give contextual forms and
>> diacritic positioning.

>Not with the Word SA edition! SAEXT.dll is alive and well there.

Here's the comparison: US Win98, install IE 5.5 and select Thai support in
the setup options. Wordpad will now correctly handle contextual selection
and diacritic positioning for Thai texts. Word 2000 still will not. That's
all I was trying to say.

- Peter

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