RE: halp me!!!!

Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 05:31:05 EDT

Karambir Rohilla wrote:
> wath is maping of unicode font in indian language?

Sorry, your question is too clumsy. I think that no one will be able to give
you an answer.

You should first make some points clear to yourself, then try and ask the
different differently. The things that make your question so unclear are:

1) The "Indian language" does not exists! There are *many* Indian languages,
and each one of them has a very different story as for the level of support
on computers. You should specify what language you are talking about.
Moreover, some Indian languages use different alphabets, so you may also
need to specify which alphabet you are using.

2) Unicode is not a font! It is a "character set", sort of. It simply
assigns a number to each letter, in order to represent that letter in the
memory of a computer. Fonts may be designed to support Unicode or other
character sets. A font often supports more than a character set at the same

3) What do you mean by "mapping"? You can map a character set (e.g. Unicode)
to a different character set (e.g. ISCII, the standard Indian character
set), but you cannot map languaguages to character sets to fonts...

If you don't manage to clarify all this, you can try describing what you are
trying to do exactly (e.g. writing a program - that does what? -, or
building a web page, etc.), with as many details as you can. This way people
may possibly figure out what kind of problems you are facing.

_ Marco

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