RE: Encoding????????????

From: Mike Brown (
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 21:25:01 EDT

I realize this has been answered today already, but I think the answers
given might be a bit more than was asked for.

> can someone tell me...what does the Encoding in the browser
> (IE5) imlpy.....

It means that the bit sequence that comprises the document will be
interpreted as characters in a particular character set.

> does it mean that the Encoding (say UTF-8 or Chinese Big5)
> shall be used for encoding/ decoding any data ..(page) to
> be displayed or sent....

Yes, for decoding. There is no standard which enforces this for sending
data, though -- i.e. if you are sending HTML form data from a browser,
there's no guarantee that the form data will be in the same encoding as the
HTML document that contained the form. Also if the browser allows you to
override the encoding, this may affect outgoing data as well.

> i mean if i use an encoding like Big5 .... how does it
> encode a chinese character...similar to utf-8 or
> differently..???

The mapping of bit sequences to characters in utf-8 is different than that
of Big5, except perhaps in the ASCII range. UTF-8 encodes the entire Unicode
repertoire of characters, while Big5 has just a subset.

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