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Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 03:22:28 EDT

On Mon, Oct 02, 2000 at 10:08:16PM -0800, Sandeep Krishna wrote:
> guys, can anyone tell me how does a Chinese Keyboard take inputs...
> i mean that Chinese has more than a thousand characters...
> and also majorly their script is Ideographics or characters represent symbols...


        This is more a follow up question than an answer.

        What are the different ways that chinese characters can be input?

        Writing (and maintaining) unicode test suites is not quite as
        enjoyable as writing code for unicode.

        Apologies for not actually answering the question. I'm curious to
        know what techniques exist out there.



P.S. When I was in an airport in Taiwan I saw the check-in staff person using
      a stylus to input characters. These characters first appeared, (very
      large) in red, superimposed on the screen and then were positioned in
      the appropriate field on the form.

P.P.S. My electronic dictionary also provides a stylus (as well as pinyin
        entry). But this is unreliable (with my writing skill : ) for
        characters that have large numbers of strokes, as the dictionary
        gives me a list of its best guesses.

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