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Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 04:46:57 EDT

> Aleksandar Poposki [] asked:
> > where could I obtain true-type fonts for Unicode.
You can find a list of fonts that include the Unicode Cyrillic range of
characters at:

You can find information about obtaining those fonts at:

However, you probably don't need to worry about obtaining special fonts.
Unicode Cyrillic characters are included in recent versions of Arial,
Courier New and Times New Roman, and so many Windows users can already
display them. Macintosh users with Mac OS 9 can install the Cyrillic
language kit from their OS CD-ROM, and this enables recent Web browsers to
display Unicode Cyrillic as well as other encodings.

Fingertip Software Inc. produces Character Set Converter, which runs under
Windows and can convert Unicode Cyrillic to and from various Windows,
Macintosh and DOS Cyrillic character sets:

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