RE: Locale ID's again: simplified vs. traditional

Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 17:53:42 EDT

On 10/03/2000 12:50:37 PM "Carl W. Brown" wrote:

>It seems that the proper solution is to use ISO 15924 which is part of the
>new RCF-1766 sublanguage specifications. However to my amazment that do
>have separate script designations for traditional and simplified scripts.

Two points of clarification:

- There is not yet any new RFC-1766 specification. (BTW, when it does
appear, it will have a different name.)

- The use of ISO 15924 for "sub-language specifications" has been removed
from the draft for the successor to RFC-1766 because there was no consensus
that the meaning and usage of these was clear.

- Peter

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