Re: FON fonts i18n

From: Torsten Mohrin (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 05:14:48 EDT

Roozbeh Pournader <> wrote:

>Does anybody know the mechanism for adding i18n info to FON windows fonts?

There is no i18n info in FON (bitmap) fonts, except the charset info
(dfCharSet of FONTDIRENTRY struct). The number of glyphs is limited to
256 with the restriction that a character code is directly mapped to
the glyph index. If you want a bitmap font to work on all Windows
platforms (and with all GDI drivers) you also have to choose Windows
2.0 format (as 16 bit executable) which has a limit of 64kB file size
per FNT file.

If you really _must_ use this font format you should make multiple FNT
files, treat them as stupid glyph collections and perform your own
character to glyph mapping. We did this in UniPad but we will use
another technique for upcoming versions, because of certain problems
with Win2K and the restrictions of this format. Anyway, I can give
some advise, if you need.


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