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From: Alan Wood (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 12:38:22 EDT

> Suzanne Topping [] asked:
> 1) Did Unicode ennoblement replace WorldScript functionality,
> or is WorldScript II still in the picture somehow?

Most multilingual applications seem to require Language Kits (which use
WorldScript and the Text Encoding Conversion Manager), and cannot see
Unicode TrueType fonts. Applications that work this way include Word 98,
Nisus Writer 5, Dreamweaver 3, Freeway 3, Internet Explorer 5, Netscape
4.75, Netscape 6 and iCab 2.

There are two experimental text editors that use the built-in support of Mac
OS 9 for Unicode TrueType fonts. I don't know if they require the Language
Kits (I don't want to uninstall them all to find out).
MLTE Demo:

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