Re: UTF-8 and UTF-16

Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 14:28:27 EDT

On 10/05/2000 11:06:21 PM "Mark Davis" wrote:

>Please look at, on the front page is a link to the FAQs.

How many times have you written that? Perhaps the welcome message that
people get when they join this list should tell people to read the FAQ. You
could really press the point home by having the list server require that
they respond to a confirmation message after they submit a subscription
request, and that their response to the confirmation message must include
some item located somewhere in the FAQ. They're only told it's somewhere in
the FAQ, not exactly where. It doesn't have to be hard to find - they will
probably along the way see answers to the questions they are wanting to
ask, or at least they will know where they can look.


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