Re: A binary that runs on Win9X and WinNT

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Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 16:58:09 EDT

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Subject: Re: A binary that runs on Win9X and WinNT

> | Microsoft has a white paper on writing a Unicode app for all
> | platforms, see the articles section on
> | for details.
> This white paper describes the solution that we have already
> considered and are hoping to avoid. Such a set of hand-written
> wrapper functions around the Win32 API functions must have been
> written dozens of times already? Doesn't someone offer this as a
> product somewhere?

I believe I saw a product at the Unicode conference, from BASIC Technology
( called Cheops.

> (Of course, since Microsoft themselves must have solved this problem
> for their own applications, why on earth do they not make the solution
> available?)

Yes, they certainly must. My impression has been that different groups have
solved the problem in different ways, some externally famous (such as the
MSO fixes to ExtTextOutW on Japanese Win95) and some very obscure and
unknown externally (I have only a fuzzy idea what SQL Server does on Win9x,
for example).

What they will do is probably best left to others for overt speculation. :-)


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