Re: A binary that runs on Win9X and WinNT

Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 19:50:23 EDT

Basis Technology's "Cheops" product ( ) does exactly this, and does
it admirably. We managed to get our 5 million+ line C++ tool suite up and
running under Win95/98 as a Unicode MFC application using Cheops with only
makefile changes - no source modifications.

It won't give you Unicode functionality under Win9x as MS Office does, but
it will allow you to continue to support Win9x platforms while providing
full Unicode support on NT/2000.

Toby Phipps
PeopleTools Product Manager - Globalization
PeopleSoft, Inc.  +1-925-694-9525

"Lars Marius Garshol" To: "Unicode List" <> <larsga@garsho cc:> Subject: Re: A binary that runs on Win9X and WinNT 10/11/2000 01:19 PM

* Lars Marius Garshol | | We have considered implementing compatibility versions of the | wide-string functions that basically map to code-paged text, but | this seems like an awful lot of work and in any case it seems | basically incredible that nobody has done this before.

* Michael Kaplan | | Microsoft has a white paper on writing a Unicode app for all | platforms, see the articles section on | for details.

This white paper describes the solution that we have already considered and are hoping to avoid. Such a set of hand-written wrapper functions around the Win32 API functions must have been written dozens of times already? Doesn't someone offer this as a product somewhere?

(Of course, since Microsoft themselves must have solved this problem for their own applications, why on earth do they not make the solution available?)

--Lars M.

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