Re: Is this in Unicode?

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 12:01:40 EDT

    John> The other characters in the font don't provide any context for this
    John> thing, otherwise I might have had an easier time figuring out what
    John> it was supposed to be. This glyph was added to a custom font at some
    John> point in its history because somebody needed it at the time, and now
    John> no one can remember what it was or why it was needed (but, of
    John> course, they might need it again, so it has to go into the new
    John> font). I'm tempted to go with Otto Stoltz's suggestion of square
    John> lozenge (despite the size of the example in the Unicode book),
    John> because there are a couple of other characters from that block in
    John> the fonts.

My immediate thought was a stylized U+00A4 CURRENCY SIGN. I've seen similar
shapes in amateur typefaces at U+00A4. Unfortunately, I don't recall which
fonts in particular.
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