utf-8 != latin-1

From: Steven R. Loomis (srl@jtcsv.com)
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 21:51:26 EDT

Here's a gotcha story ..

Someone was working on documentation files in XML. The PDF generator
all of a sudden started choking, complaining that there was "Illegal
character U+DC73" somewhere in the late stages of PDF generation. Well,
the low surrogate certainly didn't belong there. Software bug? Memory

I converted the 1.1mb intermediate file into literal \uXXXX notation and
searched for DC73. Sure enough, there was lower\uE54E\uDC73e (U+E54E, a
PUA, and U+DC73) .. in place of what was "lower-case" in the source
text. Definitely memory corruption.. But wait..
 On a hunch, I deleted the hyphen and replaced it, which worked somehow.
I was told that the text "lower-case" was copied from another document.

Further inspection showed that the offending hypen was actually \xAD,
"soft hyphen". Since the XML document had no encoding tag, it defaults
to ..... UTF-8! What happened was that the sequence AD 63 61 73 was
interpreted as U+E54E U+DC73..

So moral: BE CAREFUL when you are pasting text into utf-8 documents..


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