Re: CJK combining components

From: Jon Babcock (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 14:27:04 EDT

>>>>> James E Agenbroad <> writes:

> Doesn't one also need to somehow specify the relative
> position of the parts to eachother? Just specifyinga the
> components of a character won't suffice if the top half has
> three components and the bottom half has one component above
> another of one side and just one on the right. There are
> templates for this but I think it is not trivial

But if you think of 'characters' instead of 'glyphs', as I mentioned,
the need to specify the relative position of the * hemigrams * occurs
in only a handful of cases.

The decomposition should stop, I think, at the hemigram level. It is
when one tries to analyze each individual Chinese character into parts
lower than the hemigram level that the burden on the rendering
software becomes unacceptable, perhaps. And what would be the benefit
anyway? You would have maybe 500 parts instead of 2000 hemigrams. Is
the savings worth the trouble? No, the big savings comes from going
from whole, non-decomposed Chinese characters (the current method) to
a set of a couple thousand hemigrams.


Jon Babcock <>

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