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Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 06:55:41 EDT

Ar 23:35 -0800 2000-10-19, scríobh

>Oversimplifying, he said that a candidate script, and its repertoire of
>signs, must be well known by scholars. If there are major doubts about what
>the signs mean, ongoing decipherment projects, major disputes about the
>nature of the script, etc., then it's not worth encoding it.

Well, these are not hard and fast rules. They are good guidelines. There is
always grey area and wre have to be flexible to move within that grey area.

Just because the Phaistos disk is a limited set of characters which are
undeciphered, it remains well-defined and has been discussed extensively in
print and online by people interested in it. There may therefore be a use
for encoding it.

(The use hasn't been demonstrated yet to the satisfaction of the UTC, by
the way.)

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