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Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 12:01:11 EDT


Do you have a list of the Unicode 3.1 codes?


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Preliminary character charts are now available for those characters that
are proposed to go into Unicode 3.2 (and into AMD1 to ISO/IEC
10646-1:2000). The majority of the proposed characters are mathematical
symbols and arrows.

>The new URL is:
>There is also a link to the draft charts from the Pipeline Table.
>The link is in a new paragraph reading:
>Charts of the characters proposed for addition in Unicode Version 3.2
>are currently available for review. The charts provide preliminary
>information only. Click here for the index.

The difference for these charts over other proposal documents is that the
new characters are shown in context with the existing characters, using the
standard charts and nameslist format. The file format is PDF.

The charts are made available to allow implementers to prepare products
that will eventually support Unicode 3.2 when it is published. Please note
the cautionary language and disclaimers that accompany these charts.

If you note any errors, omissions, inaccuracies etc. you may send your
detailed comments to me.


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