RE: FW: Unicode version of atl.dll?

From: Carl W. Brown (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 21:23:34 EDT


Win3.x is a shell that runs on top of DOS that runs 16 bit apps. Win 9x and
Win NT run Win32 apps. Windows 95 was a new operation system. Win98 and
Win Me are based on Win95.

Win9x support most of the Win NT API. There are some APIs such as some of
the Unicode APIs that are not supported. Some applications use private DLLs
to emulate the missing APIs to create portable Unicode applications. While
the OSes are different the apps are similar.

Win 3.x apps use separate compilers than the Win 9.x/Win NT apps.


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> Dear friends:
> An error message appears whenever I try to instal a software that says:
"cannot run unicode version of atl.dll on windows 95". But I'm running
windows 98! How > can I upgrade the unicode version of atl.dll?
> thanks:
> dario

Sorry to disappoint you, but Win98, like Win95 and ME, are all in the same
basic family as Win 3.x. The message really means that you need to upgrade
to NT to use that DLL.


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