Convincing executives of character code perils

From: J. P. (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 14:41:53 EDT

Articulating and expressing concerns to company
executives about the perils associated with managing
multiple character sets is DAUNTING task. The company
would like to move ahead regardless, which tells me we
haven't done a good job of educating them.

I'm trying to temper my cry of "WOLF", while trying to
educate executives on the RISKS of introducing a
foreign lanugage other than ENGLISH - French, German,

We're a multiplatform company (IBM mainframe, NT's,
Unix, etc.) with a significant amount of programmed
integration across platforms, managed centrally. Data
exchange and integration is present across all
platforms in many instances and is done both
interactively and in batch or background.

Localization aside, how have you communicated issues
and risks associated with introduction of a Western
European language?

How have you sold your EXECUTIVES on the perils of
this READY-FIRE-AIM mentality?

Signed appropriately so,

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