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From: Ted Peck (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 15:24:00 EDT

Perhaps this is a good time to mention Cheops again.

Cheops is a product which allows a Unicode app to run on Win9x/ME.
Essentially it's a DLL which maps Unicode system calls through the current
Windows code page to call the 9x Ansi equivalent system function.

It covers a very large set of the Windows API functionality and has been
used successfully to provide Win9x coverage for the truly monstrous
PeopleTools 8 application suite.

You can read more about Cheops at

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Actually, for the most part the Win9x code base has more in common with its
16-bit cousins than its Unicode brothers NT and Win2000. It is very
non-Unicode in many cases very 16-bit based, unfortunately.

Think of the Win9x 32-bitness being a bit like painting your house. It may
look pretty but it does not really affect what the inside looks like,
unfortunately. :-(

Brendan's statements are what one might consider to be the more cynical view
of things, but it is a view that I often share, myself. Certainly anyone who
has ever had to spend time in the bowels of Win9x writing device drivers
would attest to these things (and they would likely be a lot more bitter
than Brendan or I!).


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> Brendan,
> Win3.x is a shell that runs on top of DOS that runs 16 bit apps. Win 9x
> Win NT run Win32 apps. Windows 95 was a new operation system. Win98 and
> Win Me are based on Win95.
> Win9x support most of the Win NT API. There are some APIs such as some of
> the Unicode APIs that are not supported. Some applications use private
> to emulate the missing APIs to create portable Unicode applications. While
> the OSes are different the apps are similar.
> Win 3.x apps use separate compilers than the Win 9.x/Win NT apps.
> Carl
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> > Subject: Unicode version of atl.dll?
> >
> > Dear friends:
> >
> > An error message appears whenever I try to instal a software that says:
> "cannot run unicode version of atl.dll on windows 95". But I'm running
> windows 98! How > can I upgrade the unicode version of atl.dll?
> >
> > thanks:
> >
> > dario
> Sorry to disappoint you, but Win98, like Win95 and ME, are all in the same
> basic family as Win 3.x. The message really means that you need to upgrade
> to NT to use that DLL.
> Brendan

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