Re: Fonts that support the ORNL rendering of Tamil?

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 11:06:31 EST

Michael (michka) Kaplan wrote:
> Since Tamil has been encoded in Unicode, the ORNL rendering (which is
> described in 9.6.5 of TUS 3.0) has been the only one "officially" described,
> although most fonts, from Arial Unicode MS to Latha and others seem to not
> support it.
> This is fine, since most people who use the language do not want it anyway
> (<g>), but I just wonder if there are any fonts that support it?

Monotype have the glyph in its repertoire:

The bottom line of the discussion on this subject some weeks ago was that
it should be available as an option, so that the standard needs to be revised
here (because for the moment it is too strong a requirement).


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