FW: Greek questions

From: Bob_Hallissy@sil.org
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 04:21:10 EST

From a colleague. Thanks for any help you can supply.
Bob Hallissy

---------------------- Forwarded by Bob Hallissy on 02-11-2000 09:17

These issues may have already been addressed somewhere in the Standard or
in related documents, but I have not run across the answers; any guidance
would be welcome.

First, rendering of U+03C3 "Greek small letter sigma". Is it allowed and/or
encouraged for an application to render this code as a final sigma glyph
when it occurs word-finally, or would this behavior be incorrect?

Then what about U+03C2 "Greek small letter final sigma". If an application
renders U+03C3 contextually, should it also do so for U+03C2, displaying it
as a non-final sigma if it is in a non-final position?

Why is 03C2 not given a compatibility decomposition of "<final> 03C3"?

Assuming that it is legitimate (and indeed should be recommended) for 03C3
to be rendered contextually, should there be a separate code for "Greek
sigma symbol" that would be used by mathematicians, etc., when the "normal"
behavior of the letter sigma is not wanted?

Section 2.6 "Combining characters" states that "Some specific combining
characters override the default stacking behavior...", and goes on to
illustrate with the Greek example of breathing + acute or grave accent. Is
there a definitive list of the "specific" combining characters that should
exhibit such exceptional behavior? Or are implementors left to discover the
exceptions for themselves?

Thank you.

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