RE: Unicode Character not Printing

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 11:31:10 EST

Flask Eric wrote:
> I have installed the Unicode versions of Arial and Times New
> Roman on Windows
> 98 running Office 97 on several PCs. Everything works fine
> but on two separate
> occasions I found out that when printing the Maltese
> Characters on particular
> printers, the Maltese Characters are not printed !!
> Printers concerned are Kyocera FS-1700
> Has anyone found the same/ similar problem ?
> Does anyone know if this is a bug or not or has any
> explanation to this !!
> (dunno maybe the printer is ASCII Based !?!??!)

Many printers have hardware fonts (font cartridges) installed on the device

When the system thinks that a font on the printer is "identical" to one of
its software fonts, it may decide to avpid uploading that font to the

The problem is that this matching sometimes only takes in consideration the
fonts' appearance, but fails to properly compare their coverage of glyphs.

In most systems, you should be able to disable this behavior with options
like "Use printer's fonts", "Use soft fonts", "Send text as graphic", and so
on. Alternatively, you can try disabling (or, the harsh manners, phisically
removing) the font cartridges from the printer.

[Note: this question is not new to me. Should it perhaps be (or is it) in
the FAQ?]

_ Marco

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