Stacking Thai marks (RE: FW: Greek questions)

Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 06:21:28 EST

Timothy Partridge wrote:
> (...) Thai combiners keep a fixed
> distance from the base line, so although they stack they don't
> (need to) move.

This is in fact the behavior of many Thai systems (computer fonts,
typewriters, etc.), but I think that it has to be seen as a approximation,
rather than as the rule.

In good typography, Thai tone marks should normally be at the same height as
top vowel marks, when they apply on a letter with no vowel marks, and
slightly higher when they stack on top of a letter which already has a vowel
mark on top. This is supported by the fact that "glyph-encoded" fonts often
have two version of tone marks, at different heights.

I also noticed that some Thai fonts contain precomposed combinations of
vowel marks + top tone marks. These combinations sometime present some form
of ligature between the two marks (ad-hoc position or size; overlaying),
rather than simply stacking them on top of each other.

I should still have these fonts somewhere, in case you need examples.

_ Marco

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