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Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 11:15:03 EST

At 07:27 AM 11/8/2000 -0800, Lukas Pietsch wrote:

>Gosh, sounds terrible, indeed!
>But *is* polytonic Greek ever actually set in this way? Doesn't sound like a
>very common thing to do. I can't remember having ever seen it.

Insofar as there are _very_ few available Greek typefaces with smallcap
sets, it isn't surprising that Greek is not often seen set this way --
polytonic or monotonic --, but the same typographic, mise en page reasons
for Latin smallcaps also apply for Greek -- and Cyrillic, of course. An
example of Greek smallcaps in use, including the miniature form of the
prosgegrammeni, can be seen in Laurentius de Alopa’s 1496 edition of the
works of Apollonius of Rhodes, reproduced in Scholderer's _Greek Printing
Types_. As the American type designer Frederic Goudy famously quipped, the
old fellows stole all our best ideas; these ideas may, however, have been
neglected in the intervening five hundred years.

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