Re: TXT file that displays actual Unicode characters only

Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 11:43:07 EST


You might want to look at

This is a similar demo to those already suggested. In some ways it's
worse, actually, since it's actually a demo of the Java Character class
that I use in teaching about Java I18N.... the program is not organized by
real Unicode blocks and has some short-comings that will be obvious to
members of this list. It is, however, encoded as UTF-8.

More to the point: you are looking for a file that "would require a
unicode font". If you are using Mozilla or IE 5.x, you'll find that they
search the available glyphs in the installed font base on the system
rather than using one specific font for all "Unicode" text. Older Netscape
and IE browsers can be set up to use a Unicode font (e.g. Arial Unicode
MS) or some specific font to display the characters in a page.

I should also note that many fonts internally use Unicode to refer to
characters. I may be being pedantic here, but a "Unicode font" is an
imprecise term, unless you mean "a font that has every character in
Unicode in it". As I noted in the paragraph above, smart rendering
technologies obviate the need for massive "Unicode fonts" in many cases.



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On Mon, 13 Nov 2000 wrote:

> In looking at the Unicode Consortium site, I see a variety of txt and html files
> that give a description of characters in different unicode blocks, but I have
> not yet found a text, doc, or html file that simply contains the actual unicode
> characters, either in the standard's entirety, or by blocks. In other words, I
> am looking for a file that would require a unicode font installed on my system
> to correctly display the characters it contains. If anyone could point me to
> such a file on this, or another site, I would be most appreciative.

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