Re: Sinhala Fonts

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 12:40:28 EST

David Tooke wrote:
> Does anyone know of a freely available font with Unicode encodings containing characters in
> the Sinhala range (0D80-0DFF)?

" freely available " ... Challenging question, for sure.

> I can find several fonts with the character set, but none with Unicode encodings...
> they seem to map to the Latin range instead.

This is hardly surprising, since the Unicode encoding of Sinhala is so recent that almost
none of the Unicode rendering engines available a year ago was able to deal with this
script (and a number of them are still not able).

Anyway, I believe your best way to search would be to look after Omega. Yannis did produce
a Sinhala font years ago, back in the TeX period, and I believe he could have adapt it to
Omega. The mailing list for Omega is <>, and the web page is at
<URL:> (changed recently).


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