Re: Japanese characters in Netscape 4.7 (was: embedding in HTML)

From: Erik van der Poel (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 15:57:10 EST

Otto Stolz wrote:
> If you have the right fonts, and they display well in IE 5.5 but
> show empty boxes in Netscape Communicator 4.7, then I suspect
> you have not properly set up the latter. The font setup procedures
> differ substantially between IE 5 and NC 4 (I haven't tried NC 6,
> so far) to an extent that you easily can get the NC settings wrong
> if you are used to the IE procedures.

By the way, it's called Netscape 6. We dropped the name "Communicator".

> If you select the Japanese font for a Japanese encoding, then only
> those files that are transferred using JIS encoding will be properly
> displayed.

using one of the JIS-based encodings (i.e. Shift_JIS, EUC-JP or

> In contrast, IE 5.5 lets you choose the font per script, regardless
> of the transfer encoding used. I think, this is more useful in most
> situations.

Actually, IE lets you choose per script for most scripts, but also
allows per language choices for the Han script (i.e. CJK (Simplified and
Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean)).

Netscape 6 has moved towards this too. Instead of per-script, we have
per "language group" (although somebody screwed up the UI and misnamed
it Language Encoding). The language groups basically map one-to-one to
charsets (character encodings), but documents in Unicode-based encodings
will be displayed with fonts that have been set for the language group
of the locale (if there are no LANG attributes in the document). I.e. we
now use the LANG attribute (if any), and fall back to the charset if
there is no LANG attribute.


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