RE: Greek Extended: question: missing glyphs?

From: David J. Perry (
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 07:16:59 EDT

Doug wrote,

> Given this, I would agree with Starner that the current
> situation is a little brighter than "operating systems don't
> support the display of combining marks in Latin/Greek/Cyrillic."

I'll agree that I overstated the case somewhat. A few days ago I got a
new machine with WinXP/Word XP and I just now I experimented with some
combining marks. The results were better than I have ever seen before,
certainly, since Word knows that combining marks should go over vowels.

But, referring to the question that started this thread, we still can
use only one of the four items mentioned (when using lowercase--Pim
specifically mentioned uppercase, which will work better with combining
marks since the accents and breathings come before the vowel not over
it). As soon as you put more than one combining accent over a letter,
the two are placed incorrectly on top of each other. I tried this with
Arial Unicode MS as wel as my own Greek font. So we need either a font
with appropriate substitutions (which could be made, but does yet exist
as far as I know) or, better yet, support for OT positioning features.
I also tried some Latin combinations, such as Y-breve; same problem.


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