RE: display issue on mac

From: Bahman Zakeri (
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 11:15:51 EDT

Well, I installed the cyrillic fonts from language kit and everything
works fine now.

> That is the problem, but it's more general. Shift JIS contains
> and IE and Netscape on the Mac do not give a way to control the
> of fonts used for UTF-8 display. It's getting to Japanese fonts before
> Cyrillic fonts. This is not specific to either Hiragino or OS X; it
> happens with any Japanese font and both OS 9 and OS X.
> One workaround is to specify a Cyrillic font for display of UTF-8
> but that requires the end user to configure their browser. Another
> workaround is to remove all Japanese support from the OS, but that is
> pretty draconian, and is not supported on OS X (/System/Library/Fonts
> OS X is only modifiable by the superuser).
> Deborah Goldsmith
> Manager, Fonts
> Apple Computer, Inc.

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