From: Patrick T. Rourke (
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 21:06:58 EDT

>I for one will not buy the OED on CD until it's in a format I can use at
>home on my Mac (OS X) - what I do at home is best done in OS X (though I
>wish more applications had extended Greek support), what I do at the is
>office best done in Windows XP.

> I wrote to Oxford today to complain that there should be a
> Macintosh version. Please do likewise, if you're a Mac user
> and think that we deserve better!

Already did so, in fact, just hours after I posted, I got a response (via
snail mail) telling me they had no intention of doing so, as Mac users are a
"niche market." (Of course, the "niche" happens to be a much bigger subset
of their core market than of e.g. the business market, but what can we say?)

I had tried to convince them to at least look into some kind of Unix
interface, since that at least would satisfy OS X users as well as Linux
users; but to no avail. If you're interested (or anyone else using a Mac is
interested), I could retype the letter into an email and send to you

Patrick Rourke

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