Re: Stroke order for producing cuneiform signs (from Quaternions)

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 07:36:53 EDT

At 11:24 +0100 2002-05-02, William Overington wrote:
>> "Stroke order"?
>Well, what is meant by stroke order?

The order in which strokes are written. Cuneiform wordlists are
organized on this principle. So all words beginning with a single
horizontal stroke come first, then all those beginning with a double
horizontal stroke, and so on.

>On the matter of cuneiform writing, I read that originally people were
>unable to decipher the writing. How did the writing come to be deciphered
>please? In relation to Egyptian Hieroglyphics I am familiar with the story
>of the Rosetta Stone, where the same text was inscribed in three languages,
>one of which used Egyptian Hieroglyphics and one of which was a known
>language. How did cuneiform become deciphered please? Does anyone know of
>any articles about this on the web please?

Please use Google to find such documents. It is easily done.

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