Re: Ie abbreviation character

Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 14:07:01 EDT

Question for clarification: does the object in question involve a reversed
c or a turned c (aka "open o")? If it is a turned c, then < 0254, 003A >
would work, I think. But if it is specifically a *reversed* c, then that
might constitute a new character need. (If it's a reversed c, that might
account for what that glyph exists in our Encore fonts inventory.) Note
that these would probably be indistinguishable in a sans-serif face
(possibly though less likely also in a modern face -- using "modern" in the
typographic sense). In an old-style serif face, the turned c would have a
ball termination on the bottom, and a reversed c would have the ball on the

- Peter

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