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Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 17:31:24 EDT

Murray Sargent scripsit:

> "Sentinel" is fairly commonly used in computer science and program code for data delimiters. "Delimiter" is also a good word for this (I use it in RichEdit code), but one may well use "delimiter" to describe a quote character (like U+0022), whereas I've never seen "sentinel" used for a quote. As such "sentinel" seems less ambiguous for Unicode code points like U+FDD0 - U+FDEF. It would be interesting to know if anyone is using these Unicode "noncharacters" for purposes other than sentinels.

We could use the IBM slang term "zigamorph" for these codepoints. This
was applied to EBCDIC FF, and I tried to popularize extending to U+FFFF,
but it really could apply just fine to all the others as well.

U+FFFE is probably not used as a sentinel, but rather as a "swap bytes"

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