RE: terminology

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 07:16:36 EDT

i18nGuy Tex Texin wrote:
> This thread seems to have morphed from unicore to unicode.

Indeed, and it would be fine if someone could shortly resume what the
discussion is about.

As for my language, whether or not it is easy to translate the term depends
on its exact meaning in the Unicode context. At first sight, however, it
doesn't seem a troublesome one.

The general IT meaning of "sentinel" (a mark of the end of data as in, e.g.,
the last dummy element of a linked list) is very well known by anyone in the
programming field. In *this* meaning it is quite easily translated in
Italian: we either say "sentinella" (literal translation) or "tappo"

[However, the issue of translating Unicode terminology in other languages is
a real one. Some terms are really hard to render. The hardest term I found
in Unicode (and IT in general) is "case" and its derivatives: upper case",
"lower case", "title case", "mixed case", "cease-less", "case
(in)sensitive", etc.]


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